5237c8d2-2c5e-411e-b28b-2e765b452836    January 3, 2015

Abolish «Daylight saving time» (Sommerzeit abschaffen)

Dear Members of the Commission for Environment, Public Health and Food Safety of the EU Parliament

I learned that your commission will be confronted by the German Parliament with the question whether to hang on to the so-called «daylight saving time» or to abolish it.
I take the liberty to ask you to thoroughly consider the pros and the cons.
Personally I feel hurt in my autonomy twice a year by the enforced and abrupt change in my run of the day. Each time this causes some problems of adaptation, combined with troubles in sleeping and awakening.
I would be more than ready to cope with such consequences of a procedure that was in favour of mankind, of environment, of saving energy, etc.
Instead I could not find a single study yielding sound scientific evidence of any such favour.
Please consider all the negative effects caused by this so-called «daylight saving time» and hold it against the poor positive effects. Is it really justifiable to distress children and their parents, farmers and their cattle, and lots of normal people living their daily rhythm for a result hardly to find?
And in case that you, like many other people, are in favour of long lazy summer evenings, could you please consider to create a suitable timetable just by yourself by starting to work earlier in summer than in winter? Flexible work time is a reality for a growing number of Europeans, it should simply be used in order to create the individually desired «daylight saving time».
Thanks you for your attention.

Kind regards

Billo Heinzpeter Studer